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Performance decrypted

Compatible with all connected technologies dedicated to sport performance (GPS, Cardio, tracking), Playsharp supervises and analyses your players’ performance for you.

An informed staff

Equipped with a powerful analytics tool, your staff improves their tactical analysis so they can take decisive action, before, during and after games.

A winning team

While decreasing the risk of injury, your team benefits from optimal preparation and moves forward with serenity thanks to more efficient management.

Leading-edge technology for customized solutions

  • Optimize individual and collective athletic preparation to prevent the risk of muscle injury.

  • Manage the rehabilitation and reathletisation monitoring to reduce the duration of player’s absence and risk of reoccurring injury.

  • Optimize the group's tactical performance by monitoring each individual and correlating tactical and physical performance.

  • Coordinate the action of staff members in real-time thanks to a shared agenda, athlete’s balance sheets and customized warning systems.

  • Share a global vision at the club’s level: dynamic view of both pro groups and youth as well as integrated vision of the athlete’s administrative, sport and contractual components.

Once tested, adopted everywhere

Give your club the means to achieve its goals

PLAYSHARP supports leading clubs in their search for better performance

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